Sell Your House Fast In Arizona – How To Spot A Scam

The industry to sell houses for quick cash is booming and has seen a multitude of property investors and developers jumping on the band wagon. They provide a valuable alternative for homeowners who want to sell their house as quickly as possible for a fair price.

However, this booming market has also resulted in a number of fake home buyers that are running scams. Take note of the following tips to spot a scam quickly to prevent falling prey to a fake “we buy houses in Arizona” investor or developer.

1. The Fees

If a buyer requires that you pay any fees upfront, they are probably scamming you. These can fall under the banner of admin fees, legal fees, service fees or processing fees. As a seller, you should never be required to pay any money upfront for any of the services that are offered to you. If there are legal or other fees involved, these will normally be as a result of you seeking legal advice or services from a lawyer.

Paying any money upfront will simply mean that the buyer will disappear after receiving the cash. A real offer on the other hand will require no fees or charges and all the paperwork and processing will be taken care of efficiently by the buyer.

2. Fair Offer

A fair offer means exactly that – the offer should be around the market value of your property. If it falls way below this market value, then the potential “buyer” is not a serious investor or developer. They are probably scouting for properties that they can buy way below value or offer to other investors. Not only is there no guarantee that the offer is real but you run the risk of selling your property for way less than it is worth. A real buyer will make a fair offer that you under no obligation to accept.

3. Seeing Is Believing

Most investors or developers offering to buy houses fast will make an appointment to view the property. This appointment will normally be made before they will make an offer. A buyer that is in way too much of a hurry to even take a look at what they are buying are probably running some sort of scam. They simply have no intention of going through with the deal and may even claim to be from a foreign country or ask you to wire money in order for the the sale to be finalized. No buyer, even those who buy houses that are in bad condition, will make a purchase without first seeing what they are buying.

Just a little research into an investor or we buy houses in Arizona developer can help you avoid these and other scams. Remember that if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Make sure that you are receiving an offer that is realistic, that you aren’t paying any fees upfront and that you get to meet the potential buyer/s before paying any money or signing any documentation.