5 Risks Of Finding A Rental Property On Your Own in

Whether you are looking for a rental property or a house to buy, beginning the search online is standard practice today. After that, though, when an agent gets involved, we tend to think that homebuyers have a leg up on renters. But that’s not necessarily the case. Many agents are eager to represent renters. In … Continued

How To Find A Great Rental After Selling Your House

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Why You Should Work With An Agent To Find Your Rental Property

You may begin doing it yourself online, but when you’re looking to buy or sell a home, you probably think of hiring an agent at some point (as you should). Renters, though, typically don’t use an agent (or even think to) and wind up selling themselves short. Many agents will, in fact, represent renters, and … Continued

Why People Are Preferring To Rent vs. Buying A House In

Baseball, apple pie, and homeownership – these have traditionally been the three pillars of the American way of life or at least the accepted image of America. But times are in fact a-changing. Homeownership rates have seen a decline in recent years, and more of the market has been taken over by rentals. “Single-family rentals,” … Continued

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4 Effective Methods For Advertising Your Rental Property

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