3 Ways Investors Are Using Real Estate in As A Safe Haven

Investors are always looking for ways to invest their money and feel confident and secure in their decisions. Historically, the real estate market has been a relatively safe place to invest their money. It is a relatively slow-moving market with indicators of positive and negative trends. The 1031 Exchange laws are a great way to … Continued

6 Things You Need To Do To Sell Your House This Summer In

Traditionally in most areas, spring has been the best time to list a house, with fall coming in a close second. But, of course, not everyone is granted the luxury of being able to wait till the optimal time to sell their home. Still, with the right mindset and some careful preparation, you can sell your house … Continued

5 Ways The Real Estate Market Is Changing In 2020

Are you thinking about buying or selling a house in ? Learn about these 5 ways the real estate market is changing in 2020. The real estate market is always changing. In 2020 it is important to know what to expect before you buy or sell a house in . In our latest post, we … Continued

How Solar Energy Can Impact Your Taxes in

Tax day is just around the corner, and, like most of us, you’re probably scrambling to get everything ready. There is, however, a bright spot in all the anxiety and dread for some people. And that is the healthy tax breaks that come with solar-energy improvements – at local, state, and federal levels. So whether … Continued

5 Tips For Downsizing Your House In

Moving is stressful for many people, but downsizing your house is a great way to save money and save it or invest it into something else. Here are 5 tips for downsizing your house in .  Use a Tape Measure The first tip to downsizing your house is to make sure the furniture you want … Continued

6 Things You Can Do To Buy Your Dream House In

Everyone has an idea of what they would consider their ultimate dream home. If you feel you’re ready to begin the search, here are 6 things you can do to buy your dream house in . UPDATE YOUR HOME-BUYING BUDGET To start off, the best thing to do is to examine your current circumstances and … Continued

What The Recent Rate Cuts Mean For Homebuyers In

Every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining – even if that silver lining is a bit tarnished. One good thing to come out of the coronavirus pandemic for homebuyers and homeowners who want to refinance is the recent rate cuts. “The Federal Reserve has cut short-term interest rates by 1.5 percentage points in less … Continued

How To Take The Emotion Out Of Selling Your House In

At some point in time, it’s likely you’ll be ready to sell the place you’ve called home for quite a while. This comes with its own set of unique challenges, and it’s important to learn how to take the emotion out of selling your house in . STOP AND THINK IT THROUGH Before you do … Continued

5 Tips For Buying The Perfect Piece of Land In

Tip #1: Determine Your Goals Before buying vacant land in , , ask yourself: what is my goal with the land? Once you determine your goals with the property, that will guide you to buy the perfect piece of land in . Will you be reselling the land after the purchase? Are you looking to … Continued

6 Listing Secrets Agents Use To Sell Houses Fast In

When it comes to selling your home, there’s plenty of work you need to do, but your real estate agent brings the polish to the table. Here are 6 listing secrets real estate agents use to sell houses fast in . CLEAN EVERYTHING AND DECLUTTER Most people do some cleaning to try getting their house … Continued

5 Things Real Estate Investors Need to Know This Tax Season

It’s that time of year again when our anxious minds turn to wonder how much we’ll get back from the IRS or how much we’ll have to pay. But it doesn’t have to be a game of waiting and wondering. Business people, especially, need to be proactive and have a plan in place already in … Continued

5 Major Problems That Can Compromise The Sale Of Your Home In

There are a host of things that can cause a real estate deal to go south. Many of them are simply a result of buyer idiosyncrasies and hyper-pickiness, but there’s not much you can do about those. There are, however, many sale-compromising things that are within your control. Being aware of such problems and taking … Continued